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Customers from all over the United States rave about The Healing Formula bed sores treatment. Not knowing how to treat a sick family member in your home is devastating. From sick children, to grandparents, The Healing Formula has done wonders. One family struggled with in-home care for months, trying various over the counter medicines to no avail, but once they found The Healing Formula, their sick mother’s bed sores were better within days. The Healing Formula even surprised a Registered Nurse caring for her bed ridden son. She exclaims that she saw a marked change in his lesions overnight. Another user had such severe diabetes that she was unable to regulate her blood sugar for two weeks. Unbeknownst to herself, she developed a small wound which developed into a diabetic ulcer. Her husband was the first to notice, and was able to treat her with The Healing Formula. The attestations of customers prove the various uses of The Healing Formula; it is not just for sores that arise from immobility.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in MRSA, a life threatening strain of bacteria resistant to almost all antibiotics. It is sometimes caused when patients do not take their full course of antibiotics, therefore allowing a super-bacteria to develop. However, The Healing Formula has helped with a number of cases, according to satisfied customers. Since the hydrogen peroxide in The Healing Formula is only a mild, broad spectrum antibacterial agent, there is no risk of it breeding MRSA.

The Healing Formula is effective, yet gentle. Users have gotten very creative with their applications of it. It is very effective in treating open wounds in situations where movement cannot be prevented. Two examples of this are oral lacerations, and injuries to household pets. That’s right, everyone from paraplegics to your puppy can benefit from The Healing Formula.

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